A Community Land Trust for Chagford and surrounding parishes

Minutes of meeting (22nd August 2013)

Posted on August 25, 2013

22 August 2013 at Chagford Fire Station Meeting Room


  • Roger Stokes
  • Julia Darby
  • Susan Spencer
  • David Osbiston
  • Tom Glastonbury
  • Alison Ward
  • Dave Edmonds
  • Sara Squire
  • Chris Park


  • Simon Blackbourn
  • Alan Deacon
  • Claire Ash Wheeler
  • Denise Gatley


1. Roger opened the meeting, explaining that the purpose was to obtain Members input and hopefully agreement as to the Legal Structure proposed by the Sub Committee. He thanked particularly Alison & Tom for their work on the subject over the past few weeks.

2. Alison gave a small presentation explaining the proposals to incorporate Chagford Community Trust as a Community Benefit Society with Charitable Exemption.

3. The discussion centred on matters such as whether Charitable Status was worthwhile given the extra complexity required and how any share issues might work. Susan made the valid point that we should concentrate in the short term on maximising the community benefit from the proposed affordable housing and to keep the message to the community simple, along those lines.

4. Chris proposed and Julia seconded a vote to adopt the proposed legal structure and this was carried unanimously.

5. Roger reminded members to make a point of going to the Masterplan meeting on 5th September, but to be sure to point out that any opinion expressed was personal and not an ‘official’ CCT opinion.

End of meeting

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The Bellacouch Consultation

One of the key aims of the Society is to maximise community benefit from the non-housing assets that arise from the proposed development at Bellacouch Meadow. A vital part of this exercise is to get input from the community. Get involved – find out more.