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Business Premises Availability and Needs Survey

Chagford Community Trust is running this survey to help plan local business premises provision at the proposed Bellacouch Meadows development in Chagford. Your input can help to ensure that any business premises provided better meet the needs of the local community. Further, the results of the survey may influence other business premises provision in the future.

Who should complete this questionnaire?

Anyone who currently operates, has operated or considered operating in the past, or is considering operating in the future a business in Chagford or adjoining parishes that uses general-purpose business premises. This includes working from home. General-purpose premises includes general office space and space for research and development or light industrial uses that can take place within or alongside a residential community, but excludes space for other uses like heavier industrial, agriculture, dedicated retail, hospitality and healthcare.

The last day to complete the survey has been extended to Tuesday 29th July 2014

The Business Premises Availability and Needs Survey

The Business Premises Availability and Needs Survey is running until 29th July.

  • Do you need or use office, workshop, studio or other business premises?

  • Are you looking for premises or considering relocating?

  • Have you struggled to find suitable premises in the past?

Your input is vital – please get involved, have your say and complete the survey now!

The Bellacouch Consultation

One of the key aims of the Society is to maximise community benefit from the non-housing assets that arise from the proposed development at Bellacouch Meadow. A vital part of this exercise is to get input from the community. Get involved – find out more.